June 5, 2014

La Vecchia Stamperia

Damiano Bandini loves letterpress, this is the reason why, at the beginning of the 21th Century he still runs an old historical printing workshop in the town centre of Faenza, bringing on an old passion and ability that pass from father to son. He has got one of the largest collection in use, of very rare metal block-prints and unique artistic wood ones.

Innokentiy Fateev and Enrico Versari are two polyhedric artists, based in Faenza, with a big passion for each kind of visual art: painting, xylography, sculpture. Many times they work together creating good vibes, mixing, in a sort of cross-over alchemy, the Italian culture to the russian one.

Duration: 8 hours
The workshop will take place at:
La Vecchia Stamperia
Via Giulio Castellani 25
Faenza (RA)
(View on Google Maps)

Thursday 5th of June.
The workshop will start at 10.00
Please, be on time.
An introduction to typography

The basics of typography and of the printing reproduction for press and artistic works.

A journey into the letterpress typography of the past Century. You will learn how to properly compose with old lead-types and original woodcut block-prints.

You will use original types made by famous Italian cover-magazine-illustrators and artists, from Art Nouveau to Futurism period, such as Antonio Moroni or Francesco Nonni.

This is a rare opportunity to see Damiano Bandini using an old, huge, Nebiolo printing press, and smell the inky air of the same poky workshop, La Vecchia Stamperia, where that machine has been operating since 1920, providing the first Town newspaper.

Moreover, if you are a decent drawer, you will be able to reproduce your own creations (letters, clip-arts, others...) using to the poorest and quicker art form of duplication: the cardboard-cut!

Innokentiy Fateev and Enrico Versari will follow you step by step, developing your ideas, from drawings to the carved cardboard as block-prints, combining them in a unique artwork reproduced in series thanks to a handy printing press.

Materials: cutter, paper, cardboard and inks will be provided by the KERNING Crew.

Luca Barcellona

Luca Barcellona has his own studio in Milan, where he works as a freelance graphic designer and calligrapher. Letters are the main ingredient of his creations. He teaches calligraphy with the Associazione Calligrafica Italiana and holds workshops and lectures in several cities.

The means of his work is to make the manual skill of an ancient art as writing and the languages and instruments of the digital era coexist.

Among the brands that requested his lettering we can number Carhartt, Nike, Mondadori, Zoo York, Dolce & Gabbana, Sony BMG, Seat, Volvo, Universal, Eni, Mont Blanc, Wall Street Institute.

He recently published his first monographic book “Take Your Pleasure Seriously” by Lazy Dog press.

His study into lettering led him to experience from graffiti to classic calligraphy, up to big wallpainting, typography and letterpress printing.

Duration: Full day
The workshop will take place at:
Complesso dei Salesiani
Via San Giovanni Bosco n. 1
Faenza (RA)
(View on Google Maps)

Thursday 5th of June.
The workshop will start at 10.00
Please, be on time.
An introduction to the world of Calligraphy

An introduction to the exterminated world of handwriting and his tools through the works of Luca Barcellona, who made of contemporary calligraphy his personal mission and lifestyle.

Street signs, packaging, wine labels, logotypes, tattoos and advertising: calligraphy today is still is everywhere, but how we can recognize a well done lettering?

Calligraphy is helpful for every graphic designer and type designer, and is something that everyone should know for his visual culture.

The Humanistic script is the basis for many typefaces we use nowadays, as the letters written with the broad edge pen, reported in auge by Johnston in the early 19th century with his Foundational.

Roman Capitals are our model of beauty in letterforms, in two thousand years they survived to all fashion styles, and is where the serifs came from.

We will try to rewrite these letterforms and compose a small text (working on interlinear space and kerning).

A "Drawing Kit" will be provided. The kit will include a Parallel stroke pen, ink refill, drawing sheets, pencils, thin marker, glue.


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