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the crew who made Kerning a great conference

Matteo Balocco

Matteo is a UX designer in love with typography. He wrote for Apogeo "Tipografia Web" and he participates to different projects involving typography and ebooks publishing

Francesco Fullone

Francesco Fullone is a nerd, an otaku and a father who occasionally does some work as entrepreneur and startup mentor.

He loves to work with web technologies and his new hobby is testing startups business models. You can find him in almost every social networks as fullo and physically, sometimes, in ideato's office in Cesena.

He spends some of his free time traveling, organizing conferences for GrUSP and writing books. If you attended any international conference about web technologies in Italy, you met him as speaker, organizer or attendee.

Cristiano Rastelli

Cristiano is a passionate web designer & developer, with almost 15 years of working experience under his belt.

He's a hybrid professional: with his right-hand he designs the user-experience and the visual-layout of websites and applications, with the left-one he crafts the code behind the pages and the logics between them.

He likes to attend technical conferences, and quite often also speak at them. Sometimes, it happens that he even organize them.

Luca Salvini

Luca is a passionate freelance in love with frontend web design and development. Actually he organises From The Front a conference solely dedicated to that theme.

Enrico Stradaioli

13 years projecting, designing 'n developing: skateboards, lights, tv-sets, logos, food packages e labels, with passion.

Nicolò Volpato

Founder of GNV & Partners, Nicolò is in web design field since 1999 as passionate hobbyist during high-school. Then as a professional since February 2004, after attending University and specilised training.

His focus his daily job on applying design principles of beauty, simplicity, efficiency, functionality, usefullness and ergonomics to the Web.

Specialised in website design and development using most modern techniques and Web Standards, crafting beautiful, hand-coded, valid and semantic XHTML and CSS.


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